Wind Turbine Siting Rules Up For Review

On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Utilities, Energy and Rail will hold a public hearing on two rule packages proposed by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC). Both rule packages are a result of legislation passed by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Doyle.

When legislation is enacted, state agencies are frequently tasked with developing administrative rules that determine how a new law is implemented. One of the rule packages being considered on Wednesday involves the siting of wind turbines. A bill was passed in the 2009-10 legislative session that called for uniform regulation of wind farms under 100 megawatts.

As a member of this Committee, I will be taking part in the public hearing that is scheduled for 11:00 AM in the State Capitol. The public hearing notice can be found on the State Legislature’s website at Additionally, you can read the wind siting rule and learn more about the proposal at the PSC’s website,

If you are unable to attend the public hearing and are interested in submitting testimony, please feel free to send me your comments and I will distribute them to committee members.

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  1. Joan Lagerman

    Consensus, those of us that have followed this issue knew the Wind Siting Committee would never reach concensus given the appointments that where made to the wind siting councel. Green is Green and money talks. These rules are only about small wind projects, what about those of us now living in the big ones! Blue Sky-Green Field. We have been not only ignored but intentionally written off in my understanding of the rule. Most of the people living within the foot print of BSGF can only be discribed as victims. We never signed on, or where even asked our opinion, we just have to live with it. Many of those same victims have spent countless hours trying to get the word out knowing full well that it might be to late for us, but have felt that it was our civic duty to warn other people in the state what may soon be coming to their back yards. A Big, for profit company. We have many nights when we KNOW that the 50 dba is being exceeded, the walls will vibrate, who do we call that will come out at 2:00-3:00 a.m when it’s happening? You get a answering machine as they are all at home sleeping. Many of us don’t bother anymore, that is not to say that we have become used to. We never will. Who is policing them? NO ONE. They get a complaint, then come back the next week in the middle of the afternoon do a reading that says they are in compliance, No Problem. HOW DO WE FIGHT THIS. The Fox has been left to guard the hen house here in Johnsburg. We need to be grandfathered in with the noise issue. If not we are being asked to live with a greater burden than any other citizen in the state of Wisconsin. We never signed on to be thier Guinea Pigs. They can’t move them but can curtail them at night so that we can sleep.. Our property value or lack there of is a whole nother chapter. Thank you for you time and concern.
    Joan Lagerman

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