Job Creation Programs In Wisconsin – What Is Working?

Governor-elect Walker has announced his intention to call a special session of the State Legislature immediately upon taking office on January 3 to take action on a jobs agenda. One of the items Governor-elect Walker cited as part of this agenda was a redesign of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

The Department of Commerce provides a number of valuable programs that seek to encourage job creation and grow the economy. However, some believe the Department can be improved to allow it to respond more efficiently and effectively to our state’s economic needs.

Your input will be helpful in identifying areas and programs that need to be changed, as well as those that are working well. If you or your business have worked with the Department of Commerce, I would appreciate your feedback. Your comments on what the Department does well and your suggestions on improvements will be useful as the Legislature considers the Department’s role in supporting job creation.

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  1. Fair tax. Please get rid of all income taxes. THere are multiple states that have this, and they are no where in the red as far as our beautiful state. Imagine that extra couple hundred dollars in your paycheck, you will notice that quite a bit more than the extra $2 to $4 spent on every $100. Plus, we could then get rid of filing state taxes, and a whole government department is gone! Just my 2 cents, keep doing a good job.

    Thanks, Jake

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