Election Observer Input Sought

The Government Accountability Board (GAB), which oversees the state’s elections and ethics laws, is seeking input from the public regarding GAB’s current rules covering election observers. Among other requirements, the current rules require election observers to meet with the chief election inspector, sign in, and wear distinguishing name tags to avoid voter confusion between election observers and poll workers. GAB is seeking to make the current rules permanent and is asking for members of the public, especially those working as election officials and observers, regarding their experiences with the current rules. Members of the public have until December 12 to submit their comments electronically via e-mail at gabpubliccomment@wi.gov . To view the current rules, click on the link below.


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  1. Margaret Siebenaler

    I am one of the Election chief’s in the Town of St. Joseph , there were election observers at the Spring Election in 2009. What I did not agree with is they were writing down every persons name that came to vote. I was told that it was legal for them to do that. They complained they could not hear all of the names , we told them they were not to interrupt, we would tell them the name after the voter got their ballot. Also many of the people did not like it that their name was being written down. When this happened a few years prior the observers had a list of the people that were registered with their party only. They didn’t care about anyone that was not on their list. While you are getting opinions on election observers I hope that you would take on the task of having the voters use PICTURE ID’S again.Thank you

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