Minnesota State Government Shutdown

While Wisconsin successfully passed its budget on time, political strife has led to an unfortunate government shutdown across the river.  Minnesota state government officially shut down on July 1st due to a bitter impasse between Democratic Governor Dayton and the Republican Legislature.

The government shutdown means only critical functions will be funded until a compromise can be reached.  Over 20,000 non-essential Minnesota state employees will be laid off for an unknown length of time.  While it is Minnesota state government that is shut down, the impact will be felt by Wisconsinites as well.  Wisconsin residents working for the State of Minnesota or using Minnesota services may be affected.  Fortunately, due to a court ruling, the Stillwater Bridge will remain open.  Earlier, the Minnesota Department of Transportation had indicated that the bridge would remain in the lift position to allow for boat passage, requiring motorists to travel down to the Hudson Bridge to cross the river. 

The Minnesota DOT has a notice on their website that most of their state government services will be closed to the public and all but two of the state’s rest stops will be shut down as well.  State parks and camp grounds will also be closed. Unfortunately, this interruption in services and programs will inconvenience Wisconsin citizens who work across the river or had plans to visit a Minnesota state park or campground.

Below are some websites that provide information about what services are closed or still available during the shutdown.




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  1. Ms. Harsdorf,
    As a constituent who has always voted for you and plans to vote for you again in the recall, I ask you to please don’t fall into the trap that assumes we all view the government shutdown in Minnesota as “unfortunate”. Your post speaks about only essential services being continued; shouldn’t government at all levels ONLY and ALWAYS be concerned with “essential” services (the definition also needs clarification)? In my opinion, now is the time for conservatives in Minnesota (and Wisconsin!) to make the adjustments needed (some painful for me too) that will hopefully return our local, state, and Federal government to a level of fiscal responsibility that will ensure stability within the “essential” services category as well as overall fiscal health.

    I am not naive enough to believe that all current “non-essential” government entitlements and privileges will be moved into the private sector but am hopeful that conservative leaders will use this opportunity to ratchet back some of the ridiculous spending (i.e. taxation) that is currently going on across the board. Stand strong with Governor Walker, I am confident that we in the mostly silent majority will reward you and other like-minded conservatives with the continued leadership role into the future.

    Rand Anderson

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