Fall Special Session Announced

Governor Walker announced today his intention to call the Legislature into special session in order to continue efforts to encourage economic growth in Wisconsin.  The “Back to Work Wisconsin” special session will build on the job creation initiatives that were included in the special session at the beginning of the year.

The bills passed in the earlier special session allowed Wisconsinto foster a friendlier business climate and created incentives for job creation in the private sector.  Since the passage of the special session bills from the beginning of this year, Wisconsin’s business climate ranking jumped 17 points to 24th from 41st according to one business publication.

The agenda for the fall special session includes legislation to improve access to capital, support workforce development, streamline regulations, and address transportation and infrastructure concerns.   Included among the proposals and legislation up for consideration during this special session are bills authored by both Democrats and Republicans.

There are 26 bills or proposals on the “Back to Work Wisconsin” special session’s agenda.  Work on some of these proposals has already begun as various committees are holding public hearings and voting on bills.  For more information on these proposals, please visit http://www.wisgov.state.wi.us/.